Zeta Sky Observer 2000mm 2m Wingspan Carbon Fiber/EPO White Long Range FPV RC Airplane Kit

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Zeta Sky Observer 2000mm 2m Wingspan Carbon Fiber/EPO White Long Ranges FPV RC Airplane Kit

The ZETA Sky Observer FPV Plane is based on the design of Israel’s “Skylark” Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Zeta  Science has developed this UAV/FPV model incorporating many new ideas and features with respect to its manufacture and operation. 
All the main structure is made up using 3K wrapped carbon fibre tube and EPO foam over a wooden frame forming a strong and durable airframe that has stable flight performance.
Assembly of the plane is quite easy, the main prefabricated parts and wooden frame have been well built with just a few parts to glue together. Install motor, servos, receiver and battery of your choice and you’re ready to fly. 
Removable wings and camera/electronics p0d make this model convenient and easy to transport. The wings are locked in place using a plastic removable rivet. The camera/electronics p0d is connected to the fuselage via its embedded structure and locked in place using a carbon fibre bar. You only need to disengage the snaps and pull out the bar then put your plane fits neatly into your car. The bottom of the camera/electronics p0d comes equipped with a landing skid to protect the lower surfaces of the p0d when landing.
The outward opening access side door on the camera/electronics p0d allows for easy electronics and battery access, forward and rearward camera mount positions capable of accepting brushless gimbal or fixed camera mounts of your choice are standard
The plane features functioning flaps and molded slots to accept the carbon fibre spars with provision for more spars to be added for heavier all up weight flying. The vertical stabiliser can be either locked in the horizontal position or unlocked and connected to a servo to allow the complete stabiliser to operate for stall type spot landings. It is recommended to lock the horizontal stabiliser into the normal horizontal position when learning to fly the plane or when the all up weight of the plane is over the flying load is over 2800g.
The plane makes a perfect platform for FPV and or aerial photography being stable and predictable to fly. Team this performance up with a 3 Ax1s flight stabiliser style receiver and/or a flight controller and you’re in business for some real UAV/FPV adventures.


Item name: ZETA Sky Observer
Wingspan: 2000mm
Length: 405mm
Flight weight (AUW): 2500-3000g
Type: Airplane,FPV wing
State of Assembly: Almost Ready
Action Time: 30mins 
Controller Battery: Lipo battery
Remote Distance: 1000m
Charging Voltage: 14.8v
Plugs Type: T plugs for ESC
Control Channels: 7 Channels 
Material: EPO foam
Color: White

* Materials: EPO foam, 3K wrapped carbon fiber rods and wood frame cockpit.
* Removable main wings.
* Two carbon tube installed as wing reinforcement.
* Pre-cut slot on the wing for extra carbon rods if you want to stiffen the wing.
* Optional flaps setup.
* Unique elevator design. (Big and small elevator control surface.)
* Plenty of space for electronics and FPV equipment.
* Two clear dome included.
Recommended parts( Not Included):
Motor: 4250 950KV brushless outrunner motor 
Speed Controller: 60A ESC Click here
Prop: 12 x 6  Click here
Servo: 9g servo x 4, and 12g servo x 4  Click here
LiPO Battery: 5200~10000mAh 3S LiPO Click here
2.4GHz Transmitter and Receiver (at least 7CH) Click here
Note: This item is KIT only, not included any electronic parts.
Package Included:
1X Zeta Sky Observer Sky Lark 2m Wingspan Long Ranges FPV RC Airplane ARF Kit


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